Discussion - Using a Steam Deck for robotics development

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Great creative idea. So searching the Steamdeck device, I discovered its underlying OS is a version of Linux but could not determine the exact CPU type (presumably arm64) nor version (Ubuntu 22.04 as I see a display of jammy )in your post) . What is the output of uname -a? Have you determined if ROS2 could be installed?

So the architecture is x86-64, the built-in Linux is “SteamOS” which is based on Arch, however I am running Ubuntu 22.04 “Jammy” off the SD card.
And yes it can definitely run ROS, I have been using it in my last few tutorials, running ROS, and in the video I demonstrate (briefly) running rqt_image_view and the joystick control through that :slight_smile:

Lou Amadio, the software development lead for Azure Edge Robotics at Microsoft, has some interesting ROS/SteamDeck related content on his youtube site at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClGlsFFuavWVjA_MgdFPNjQ .

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Nice one - thanks for sharing!