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Hi Josh,
Is it possible to use foxglove with ROS2 Foxy ? I tried to install the studio but it wants at least Humble.

Thank you very much in advance!


P.S: May be it is time to switch to Humble . The problem is that the Python do not work with my Google Coral USB

Great question, it’s a while since I tried but I think the answer is “yes but it’s more annoying”. I’m not sure though.

Firstly, from memory Foxglove has “ROS 2” as an option in the main menu, but only for subscribing which doesn’t help us, so you need the Foxglove bridge.

You can’t install foxglove-bridge on foxy, but I seem to recall having run it at some point?? Maybe I compiled from source or maybe there was an earlier version of it available? (I may just be getting mixed up with rosbridge).

It’s definitely one of those things where upgrading to humble or newer will just work though - sorry I can’t be more helpful!

I moved my logitech joystick from the raspberry pi 4 to my windows 10 computer for running foxglove (upplugged USB cable and moved it)
It works but the deadzone is not large enough and the motors slow down but don’t stop.
When it was when hooked to the pi, it worked fine.
I made the deadzone larger on the self.deadzone = 0.05 to self.deadzone = 0.1 but it did not help.
Where do I adjust the deadzone when using the joystick in foxglove?

I have the xbox joystick working in Foxglove
utube video https://youtu.be/MEdd0Yya2eY
I cannot figure out how to post it to projects