Discussion - Depth Cameras and ROS (Making a Mobile Robot Pt 10)

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I too would be interested in seeing RGB pointclouds from the OAKD-lite in ROS.
I see this defunct post on the DepthAI github is the about the most recent thing I can find RGB Point Cloud · Issue #10 · luxonis/depthai-ros · GitHub

A few other notes on the topic:

  • In this post on the ROS Discourse, someone is creating their own driver, I’m hoping something useful comes of that.
  • I spent a while trying to hook in to the launch scripts provided by the depth_image_proc package. It doesn’t help that the registration node doesn’t compile (last I checked) but even once you fix that it doesn’t seem to work.

I’ve been working on other stuff, but I definitely want to circle back to this at some point as it seems like a pretty fundamental issue.