Discussion - Concept Design URDF (Making a Mobile Robot Pt 2)

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vboxuser@linux1:~/dev_wc$ ros2 launch my_bot rsp.launch.py
ros2: command not found
i get the above error in the initial step, please help!!

After soutcing ros i got below error
Package ‘my_bot’ not found: “package ‘my_bot’ not found, searching: [‘/opt/ros/foxy’]”

It looks like you’ve either not built your workspace (with colcon) or not sourced it (with source install/setup.bash).

When you source the main ROS install (with source /opt/ros/foxy/setup.bash) that makes all the installed packages available but not ones you’ve built yourself. For those you need to source your local workspace (sometimes called an overlay) with source install/setup.bash (called from within the workspace) to make its packages available. It can get a bit confusing but once you are used to it it’s actually a very practical approach for working on multiple projects.