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When I try to visualize the robot moving from gazebo in rviz, I add a transform and try and set the global fixed frame to odom but it does not show up. My only options are base_footprint, base_link, caster_wheel, and chassis. In addition to odom missing, I am also missing both wheels in the drop down.

BUT if I have rviz open prior to launching gazebo odom shows up.

Any thoughts on why the order of launching rviz then gazebo seems to matter?

@Steven @JoshNewans Have you found any solution for it

@sampath_ganesh No, I am still using the work around of running Rviz first.

Yeah me either unfortunately. Just hoping an update magically fixes it at some point…

im also unable to find odom in the Rviz2.
i tried copying all required files from updated git profile but still not able to get the odom in the Rviz