Introduction: Eric Mack

Josh, thanks for creating this site and thanks for not filling it with ads. I’m delighted to be one of your Patreon supporters. You may not get rich from my contribution but I am happy to be a part of your team. I encourage others to join as well.

I began collecting parts for my “ultimate” robot rover 20+ years ago, however, the plans quickly fell apart when I got to thinking about controlling everything. It was easy to collect parts but controlling them, not so much, I concluded I would need some kind of OS to tie it all together but that was outside of my scope and ROS had not been invented yet. :frowning:

I still have most of the parts, so once I duplicate your projects, I will then try to expand upon them by interfacing other inputs and outputs. Ultimately, I have a Sharper Image robot from the 1980s that I want to gut and replace with a suitable electronics and video package – long term goal.

I also have one of the few Hero 2000 Robots from Heathkit – it was designed with 12 CPU Cards. I’m thinking someday, I might learn enough to unplug the cards and create my own controller since everything on the robot is extended into the card cage. I’ve also thought about perhaps selling the Hero 2000 and use the proceeds to fund other robot explorations.

Finally, I have a few robot arms, some with and without controllers. For all of these things I have collected, software is the limiting factor. Already, from your videos, I can see how I can eventually hope to bring these devices to life with ROS2.

I’m battling some health issues right now, which limits my ability to build things physically just yet, but I am hoping to become more active with this community.

Best if success.

P.S. I’m still learning my way around this community software. Unless I have overlooked it, you may want to consider adding an introductions section. If you do,. please feel free to reclassify this post there.

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Hey Eric, thanks for introducing yourself to the community! I appreciate your support and love the enthusiasm :smiley:

That sounds like you’ve got a serious collection of bits there ready to turn into something interesting and I’m keen (as I’m sure others will be) to see what you’re able to do with some 21st century software in the mix!

I’m sorry to hear about your health issues, I hope you are able to recover and get to work on things physically, but it’s an encouragement that despite them you are still able to engage with us here in the community, and to be learning and thinking about solving robotics problems :slight_smile:

As you can probably tell I’m also still figuring out how to run a community well, and especially how to on-board people. An introductions section is a fantastic idea - I’ve gone ahead and made one, and reclassified your post.

Josh :slight_smile:

Best wishes for your health.

Thank you for your kind words.

how do i ask question .i am a new user and i am not seeing any option to ask question in website.

Hey @Fire_Man , creation of new topics is restricted to those who are supporters through Patreon - you can sign up here and I have tried to make the lowest tier fairly affordable (US$15/year I think? I am unsure with the currency conversions and discounts).

With a free account you can reply to other topics (as you have found), so if you have questions about a particular tutorial you can use the discussion thread for that tutorial :slight_smile:

I hope that helps, I’ll leave these replies here for a week or so and then delete them as they are not relevant to this thread.

Dear Josh/all,
I am Professor for AI and robotics at the University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück. I really like your work! Next semester I will give a course on robotics & ROS2. I would like to link your tutorials in my slides. Am I allowed to do this regarding copyright,… ? I will put a link to articulated robotics on each slide where I use it.
Best Regards