Improving the navigation of the blog

Hello Josh,

thanks a lot for the work you do, it’s really great. I am really happy to support you.

I am trying to follow along to build my own project. In terms of feedback, I find that having a simple list of links to the blog posts in sequence, the related videos and discourse discussions etc, all in the same place would be helpful.

I miss a better way to navigate your content because I tend to need returning to the blog posts and videos to search for specific sections. While doing this I noticed e.g. that some of the blog posts were missing (i.e. there is a video but no related blog post), but this was not immediately obvious.

Thank you!

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Ah yes, you’ve raised an excellent point…
I’ve known it’s a bit rough for a while now, but haven’t set aside the time to:

  • Figure out how I want to structure it for navigation
  • Figure out how to achieve that with the blog framework I’m using
  • Actually do it

But having feedback that it would be helpful is a good motivator! (Sometimes it’s hard to know what resources people are actually using and where to invest my time).

So thanks so much for your support, for the feedback, and now “site navigation rework” can shift one rung up the to-do list!

I made a simplified version of the kind of table of contents that I would find useful:
In the process I noticed there is one video not included in the playlist and several videos in the playlist without companion blogpost.

Thanks for this!

I went ahead and made a blog post for it. That post is “featured” on the homepage so shouldn’t be too hard for people to find. Some time in the future I’ll find a better way to organise it.

Also the blog theme I’m using renders tables really poorly so it’s unfortunately not that easy to read… again been on the list for a while.

Re the missing bits, I’ve updated the playlist with that other video, and I’m all too aware of the missing blog posts - every time I make a new one it pops up with the other half-written ones for me to resume…
Maybe one day :stuck_out_tongue:

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