Discussion - Running ros2_control on a real robot (Making a Mobile Robot Pt 13)

I’ve been banging on this for some time and would appreciate any help that someone can offer. I’ve followed the update instructions for Humble to the best of my ability and can run everything in the simulated environment. The error comes when I try to run on the real robot. I get this error:

[ros2_control_node-3] [WARN] [1717166914.463673109] [controller_manager]: [Deprecated] Passing the robot description parameter directly to the control_manager node is deprecated. Use ‘~/robot_description’ topic from ‘robot_state_publisher’ instead.
[ros2_control_node-3] [INFO] [1717168386.815847187] [resource_manager]: Loading hardware ‘RealRobot’
[ros2_control_node-3] terminate called after throwing an instance of ‘pluginlib::LibraryLoadException’
[ros2_control_node-3] what(): According to the loaded plugin descriptions the class diffdrive_arduino/DiffDriveArduinoHardware with base class type hardware_interface::SystemInterface does not exist. Declared types are diffdrive_arduino/DiffDriveArduino fake_components/GenericSystem fake_robot/FakeRobot mock_components/GenericSystem test_hardware_components/TestSystemCommandModes test_hardware_components/TestTwoJointSystem

I build 4 wheel differential drive whit this tutorial, but i have problem with arduino diff drive because not supported for 4 wheel, can anyone help me?