Cheap lidar Delta 2g, Xiaomi

does it make sense to buy a cheap LIDAR for a hobby robot?
Delta 2g - Not Black Magic: LiDAR Modules
Xiaomi Lidar - All about the Xiaomi Lidar Scanner and the Sunfounder RasPad - YouTube

what do you think?

Interesting - I don’t recall coming across either of these when I was looking a while back.
I think they are potentially good options for someone who knows what they are doing and wants to save some money, but some reasons I’d be hesitant to recommend them to a beginner are:

  • Availability of stock may be less reliable than dedicated hobby lidars
  • Interfacing with them may require custom hardware/cabling
  • There is likely no official driver/SDK/ROS node available
  • Functionality/performances/interfaces are probably undocumented and unvalidated

That being said, if those aren’t a turn off then I’d say go for it! And if anyone does - please report back with your results :smiley: