'B' - My latest project

My first differential drive bot.
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The rear of the robot. Mostly batteries!

Power section and computer section.

Odrive S1 controllers


Progress! Lidar sensor installed


Hi Heather, thanks for creating a thread to share your robot! To upload pictures, head over to Imgur to create an album, then you can paste the individual image URLs on their own lines in your post and they will show up (let me know if you have any troubles with this) :slight_smile:

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I’ve had a lot of fun building this robot using some repurposed aluminum extrusions and 3D printed parts. This has been a learning journey for me and as many of my projects is probably a little bit over the top.

Component list:

  1. 3 x LiFePo4 12-volt batteries. 19 amp hour.
  2. 40 amp SSR
  3. All-important emergency stop button
  4. 20 amp 60 volt to 5 volt buck converter
  5. Raspberry PI4
  6. Khadas VIM 4
  7. RPI 2040 microcontroller
  8. CAN bus transceiver x 2
  9. Odrive S1 motor controller x 2
  10. Lidar
  11. distance camera - TBD
  12. Voltmeters for 5 volt supply as well as main battery voltage.
  13. lots of PLA+ filament
  14. 2 x brushless hub motors
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Thanks for sharing the pictures, this is looking so good!!
Is this particular build for a purpose, or just a learning experience?

How have you found the Odrive to work with? I have been meaning to give one a go for ages.

The Odrive S1 has a great build quality. It is a new product but I have had trouble getting them fully configured. I’ve been able to get one of the motors to calibrate but it is super complicated for my experience level. Not an expert roboticist by any stretch of the imagination! But I find the hobby extremely fun. I’m hopeful that the documentation will come along soon.

Hi Heather, your robot looks amazing! I really like how you integrated the LCD screen, USB ports, etc right into the Robot panels; looks awesome.

Could you share which 3D printer you used to make these parts? Based on the panels it seems like you may have a printer with a fairly large build plate. I’ve been looking into upgrading from my Ender 3 and would love to get some prints as large and clean as these!

Hi Douglas,

I built a Voron 2.4 with a 350 mm x 350 mm build area. I started the 3d printing hobby with an Ender 5. The Ender 5 was finicky and had a much smaller build volume. My bot is still very much a work in progress. I’m working on the fit and finish. For example, the side panels sit 5mm proud of the top section. My goal is to have smooth transition from panel to panel.

Thanks Heather! That is helpful as I was actually looking at both of those printers as options. I had a feeling that the Ender 5 wouldn’t be super reliable based on some reviews I have seen. Maybe its time I start saving for the Voron :thinking:.

Best of luck as you continue working on your robot!